How is the Railway Network in India?

Being one of the largest and widely spread networks in the world, Indian railways are connected to every small part of the country. You can visit any part of our country by railways. The railways mainly have following classes going from higher to lower respectively: First Class (FC), Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A), Chair Car (CC), Sleeper Class (SL) and General (G). Railway Reservation begin 90 days in advance of the travel date. Summer Vacations (April, May, June), Diwali Festival Holidays (Oct / Nov) which are typically for 15 days and last week of December are considered as “season” making it difficult to procure the reservations. Plan early to give yourself a realistic chance to get yourself a reservation. Tatkal tickets: Tatkal, literally translated as “immediate” are issued just two days before the departure of the train and are meant for those having last minute plans for their trip. The cost for these tickets is high as compared to regular tickets. It goes without saying that these tickets too are highly in demand. There are certain relatively Fast trains which may be chosen for more comfortable journey and on-time performance. “Shatabdi Express”, Shatabdi means Centenary / Century, are day-trains and they return to the station of origin the same day. “Rajdhani Express”, Rajdhani means Capital, are long-distance trains connecting the nation”s capital to other metropolitan cities. There are other types of trains too called as “Sampark Kranti”, “Janshatabdi Express” and “Duranto” which are faster than “Passenger” trains. At Dream Holidays, we are tieup with IRCTC recognised ticket booking Agent. Our dedicated staff will advice and book your Railway ticket in one of the most complex and extensive Railway networks of the world.